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Farm Brewery

​We like to be outside in the woods.  We love great beer and hops too.  There's nothing like relaxing with a beer and music! We also happen to make some pretty damn good beer, we hope you'll think so too. 

We found a great spot to make and share our beers.  We brew on a 5 bbl brewhouse and double batch into our 10 bbl fermenters.  Our brewer strives to create new vibrant and tasty beers regularly! If you love one of our beers when you stop in and drink up! It might not be back again!  

Barrel aged beers (locally sourced barrels, lucky for us!) and cask ales are two of the main focuses at Woodland. With two beer engines, we have two cask offerings at any time! Our casks rotate regularly and offer variations and concoctions of whats on tap; each with a little twist. Some times we'll add more hops in the cask, maybe even coffee or cocoa. Ain't nothing gonna stop us  from throwing in some hot peppers, peanut butter, or fruit from time to time, too! The barrel aging program includes locally sourced new oak barrels from Adirondack Barrel Cooperage in Remsen, bourbon barrels, cider barrels, and whatever else we can get our hands on!

So stop by Woodland, enjoy some good company, food, and tunes, all while drinking either some ridiculously fresh ales fermented with locally grown ingredients OR a well aged Big 'Ol Beer. There's something new almost every week to try and multiple rotating offerings on Cask.  What's better than a welcoming local taproom with great beer and great people? nothing! 

Hope to see you soon. Cheers!


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